Makio Sono is Akari Furutaka's love interest in the game and the reason she wants to kill.


Makio Sono has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears the default male uniform.

Makio Sono Date 1

Makio on his date with Akari in Chapter 1.


Makio Sono is polite unless he sees Akari commit murder, thus calling her a monster and prompting game over. He is obviously very popular among girls. He is athletic and plays baseball in Chapter 3.

It is unknown about his family.


Chapter 1:

Before class: Makio Sono arrives on school grounds, and dresses for P.E.

Classtime: Makio Sono goes to the track, waits for his class. He then runs a full lap and then leaves. He changes back into his normal school uniform.


Makio, standing with Ryoichi and Keita, the rivals of chapter 3.

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