These characters are the most important people to Yandere School's plot. Some of the main characters are not implemented yet.

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Akari Furutaka


Main Article: Akari Furutaka


Akari Furutaka is the "protagonist" of Yandere School and the character that the player controls throughout Story Mode.

It is the player's job to dispose of every one of Akari's rivals before the end of that day each chapter, and to overcome nightmares.

Makio Sono

Main Article: Makio Sono

Makio is the love interest of Akari and her obsession.

If Akari can successfully eliminate all rivals in the game, then she will be able to confess her feelings to Makio.

If the player fails to eliminate Akari's current rival that day, the rival will confess her feelings, and Makio will accept, leaving Akari heartbroken.


Main Article: Rivals

Every day during the chapters in the game, a new student will fall in love with Makio and become Akari's rival. It is Akari's goal to eliminate the rival before Friday of each current week. 

If she fails to do so, her rival will confess her love to Senpai and the player will receive a Game Over.

Rivals have not all been fully implemented yet, only 4 are in-game so far.

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