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Eriko Sakura is a student in Yandere School, and Meisa Ito's best friend.


Eriko is a teenage girl with an average height and build. She has straight, short, carrot-orange hair, only reaching down to her neck, with above the eyebrow bangs. She has a noticeably slim and womanly figure and dark blue eyes. Her face is also rather mature compared to her friend, and especially Akari, though she usually appears sleepy. She has a fair and light complexion that is prone to blushing.

Eriko is usually seen with her school uniform, which consists of a long-sleeved brown blouse, a white collar adorned with a deep brown stripe, with a red ascot tied on it, and a short brown skirt. To finish the look, Akari wears black, stockings with brown dress shoes. To finish off the look, she wears stockings that almost cover her whole legs except her thighs and deep brown dress shoes.


Eriko is, according to what is shown of her, a laidback, cheery, and joyful girl who is always seen smiling. Even when being approached by Akari, who she and Meisa appear to dislike, she continues smiling as it seems to be a default facial expression. However, the death of Meisa, most definitely, gave her deep suffering.


Meisa Ito

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Eriko and Meisa are best friends and are on great terms. They most likely care for each other a great deal and have deep bond of trust as they freely talk about various topics, and they are almost always seen together. After Meisa's disappearance/death, Eriko will most likely miss her a lot and wish to see her again one day.

Akari Furutaka

Main Article: Akari Furutaka

While not disliking her, as Meisa possibly does, she shows little to no interest in Akari.


  • She is possibly slightly taller than Meisa.

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