Chapter 1 is the first chapter in Yandere School.

The rival of Chapter 1 is Meisa Ito.

Intro/Ending Cutscene

In this, Akari Furutaka explains her feelings for Makio Sono. Just then, Meisa Ito and Eriko Sakura start chatting, where Eriko inquires if Meisa broke up with her boyfriend. Meisa then says he was 'too old for her', and she needed someone 'innocent', prompting Eriko to suggest Makio Sono. Meisa agrees and says she will ask him out after classes. Akari becomes enraged at this, and says, "I JUST COULD NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!"

In the ending cutscene, Akari leads Makio to a tea shop. Makio states how happy he is to be out with her, and she agrees. She then accidentally spills her tea on Makio. Blushing and mortified, Akari apologizes, and Makio says it's nothing. He then says he needs to go home to clean it up. Akari is disappointed and embarassed.


Meisa hangs out with Eriko and Noriko Tajima in the front of the school, gossiping. They all go to class at classtime. During class, Meisa will go to the bathroom, an elimination method opportunity.