Akari is one of the main protagonist in Yandere School. She has a crush on Makio Sono.


Akari is depicted as being a young, pretty Japanese school girl, with long, straight, dark-violet hair, which she keeps braided into two low-pigtails. When loose, Akari's hair falls down to her waist. Her eyes have an upwards point, with large, dark-purple irises, and heart-shaped, magenta pupils. She has rather child-like features, even while angered, and a somewhat underdeveloped body when compared to her female classmates. Her default outfit is the standard school uniform, a brown sailor seifuku with a rather short skirt, a white collar and red ascot with black Mary Janes. With her classic black stockings.

Her other outfit/ accessory choices include; An alternate school uniform. A black and white French maid uniform. Black and pink cat ears. Tiger ears. Different Stockings. Etc.


Makio Sono

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Prior to her realization of her feelings that she possesed for Makio Sono, Akari was just like any other ordinary schoolgirl, drifting through life like the rest of her fellow classmates. She seemingly was at least somewhat familiar with Makio prior to the events of the game, stating that she had been following him at the beginning of the game. After realizing that one of her classmates, Meisa shared feelings for Makio as well, Akari begins to act more like an overprotective relative towards him, feeling overwhelming rage, jealousy, and a strong urge to stop Meisa from trying to begin a relationship with Makio before she can. There is a possibility that her feelings for Makio might not even be romantic, as Akari even once stated that she couldn't understand whether or not if she’s in love.


Akari seemingly doesn't care about the fates of the students and will get rid of them if they get in the way.

If a student witnesses Akari killing someone they will run away in fear. This however is different with Ryochi Tanaguchi and Keita Hiyama, as they will strangle Akari from behind.

Furutaka Family

Despite the fact they dont appear in game, they dont seem to have a negative relationship to one another. Most of Akari's family went to the same school when they were younger.

Akari's cousin may or may not be the protaganist to the sequel of "Yandere School" in the future, but it is yet to be confirmed.

Mr. and Mrs Furutaka

Akari doesn't seem to have a negative relationship with her parents but they do not show up during gameplay. According to the developer, Akari's parents have been absent during the game due to their being on a business trip.

It Is unknown whether or not if Akari's mother may have been a Yandere as well .


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She holds a special hatred for all of her rivals, considering her non-hesitant compliance to kill any and all in her way just to be in the company of Makio. They are lower than the lowest of the low to her.



  • She can gain a favor from Saya Kaito to ask Eriko Sakura  to meet her after class, but this will not make them friends.
  • Despite her child-like appearance, she wears rather seductive lingerie.
  • When the game was first released Akari's face was much more childish, and her hair was much longer. This however was a mistake and fixed allong with Angelina's implementation.