Akari is one of the main protagonist in Yandere School. She has a crush on Makio Sono.


Akari is a pretty young school girl, who has long and straight, dark-violet hair, braided into low-pigtails. When loose, it falls down to her waist. She has large, dark-purple eyes with magenta heart shaped pupils, her eyes have an upwards point. Her face is rather childish even while angered, and her body is rather underdeveloped compared to her female classmates (Maybe even some of the boys). Her default outfit is the standard school uniform, a brown sailor seifuku with a rather short skirt, a white collar and red ascot with black Mary Janes. With her classic black stockings.

Her other outfit/ accessory choices include; An alternate school uniform. A black and white French maid uniform. Black and pink cat ears. Tiger ears. Different Stockings. Etc.


Makio Sono

Main Article: Makio Sono

Before her discovery of Makio Sono’s existence, Akari was just an ordinary cute but invisible girl who just went through life like everyone else. She knew Makio seemingly a while before the beginning of the game, showing how she states that she had been following him. Akari acts like an overprotective relative towards Makio, feeling overwhelming rage and an urge to stop Meisa from trying to seduce him. In fact, her feelings might not even be romantic, since Akari even once says that she didn’t understand if she’s in love.


Main Article: Rivals

She holds a special hatred for all of her rivals, considering her non-hesitant compliance to kill any and all in her way just to be in the company of Makio. They are lower than the lowest of the low to her.



  • She can gain a favor from Saya Kaito to ask Eriko Sakura  to meet her after class, but this will not make them friends.
  • Despite her child-like appearance, she wears rather seductive lingerie.

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